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Andrew Bibby is a professional writer and journalist, working as an independent consultant for a number of international and national organisations, and as a regular contributor to British national newspapers and magazines. He is also the author of a number of books.

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Organising in financial call centres

A report for UNI


1. Introduction

2. Reaching call centre workers: recruitment and organising
a) Management style and culture in call centres
b) Union representation and collective agreements
c) Putting resources into call centre organisation
d )Finding the right way to reach potential members
e) Using the opportunities of new technology
f) Using industrial action
g) Organising of call centre workers — some concluding comments
3. Organising in call centres: the issues for negotiation
a) What do members want?
b) Pay
c) Hours of work and shift patterns
d) Employment status and rights
e) Health and safety issues
f) Surveillance, electronic monitoring and privacy
g) Training
h) Equal opportunities issues
i) In conclusion: developing good practice
4. Some current and future trends
a) Virtual call centres
b) The internationalisation of call centre operations
c) Technological change, the internet and electronic commerce

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